Residential Services

Residential dryer vent cleaning in the Bay Area

Improved Productivity

Productivity is greatly improved when you have your dryer vents cleaned regularly and thoroughly.  A residential dryer vent cleaning service  can deal with all of the debris that are stopping your dryer and vents from working at their very best.

Reduce Risk of Fire

THE CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION estimates that over 15,000 clothes dryer related fires occur each year. The risk of fire from lack of duct and vent cleaning is quite a serious issue and is something that shouldnt be ignored. With all of that heat going through and all of that debris, it only takes one tiny fiber to get hot enough to ignite and you can have a massive, serious problem on your hands. The best way to do so is to have a your dryer vent and ducts cleaned annually.

Reduced Allergens

When using your home dryer; you are constantly sending a range of allergens into the air which will fill and pollute your home. If you or loved ones in your home suffer from allergies, they may just find themselves suffering from your dryer. Keeping your ducts and vents clean not can help protect you and your family in so many ways. Don’t delay. Get your ducts cleaned, today!